Storage, Container sizes and costs

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Storage, Container sizes and costs

Post by Admin on Tue May 12, 2015 4:59 pm

It is always recommended Adblue is keep out of direct sunlight and preferably in doors where the risk of contamination from rain etc is reduced. The shelf life depends on the storage temperature, the following info is taken from the Greenox MSDS.

Ambient Storage Temp - Shelf life
<10 deg - 36 months
<25 deg - 18 months
<30 deg - 12 months
<35 deg - 6 months
>35 deg - Significant decomposition test before use

Please note this is all recommended, for personal use assuming the container remains sealed there is little chance the AdBlue will degrade significantly to cause any problems.

Freezing temperatures: AdBlue will begin to freeze at -11degC, although this will not be a problem for most people in the UK no harm will be done if it freezes and then thaws and can still be used. It is worth mentioning that although no harm will come to the AdBlue as it is made up of 62.5% water it will expand when it freezes potentially causing damage to storage containers and the tanks on the vehicles. To prevent this the vehicle tanks have a large airspace above the fluid, on gravity systems such as bottles it is very easy to overfill the tank and this airspace, it is much better to use a pumped system with an automatic shut off once the tank reaches its full level.

AdBlue is available in multiple size containers from small 1.5l top up bottles to 1000l IBCs, even larger bulk deliveries are also possible. The higher volume of AdBlue you purchase the cheaper it becomes, with the smaller top up bottles the cost of the packaging normally is in excess of the product itself so they are very uneconomical for vehicle workshops doing regular top ups.

To give you an idea of costs and potential savings I have looked online for the best prices and found the following:

1.5l bottle. £10.00. £6.66 per litre
10 litre can. £16.74. £1.67 per litre
205 litre drum. £120.75. £0.58 per litre
1000l IBC. £350.00. £0.35 per litre
1500l+ Bulk delivery. £0.21 per litre

The 1.5l can although expensive does come with a specific filling neck to reduce spills and misfuellings. The 10l can only has a spout so it is very easy to overfill the car and put the AdBlue in the fuel tank if people are unsure of what they are doing.

As shown above by far the cheapest way to purchase AdBlue is in bulk deliveries however on site storage tanks can be very expensive and take up valuable workshop space. Drums and IBCs are a good compromise between space and cost.


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