Characteristics and Manufacture in the UK

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Characteristics and Manufacture in the UK

Post by Admin on Tue May 12, 2015 10:52 am

Only two components are needed to make AdBlue®:

Urea 32.5%- a synthetic chemical produced from Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide
Water 67.5%- purified and free from trace minerals or other chemicals

As the bulk of AdBlue is water it is made in the UK by dissolving Urea granules known as Prills into purified water. This is done at multiple chemical plants around the UK often close to where it will be delivered. The Urea Prills have a long shelf life allowing greater quantities of the raw materials to be stored.

AdBlue Characteristics
- Clear and odourless liquid classified as none harmless
- SG (specific gravity) is 1.09 typical
- Recommended shelf life is 12 months
- Freezing point - 11 °C
- Corrosive to iron/steel, yellow metals, and some aluminum alloys
- Crystallisation of Urea due to evaporation


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