Suppliers of AdBlue and what not to buy.

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Suppliers of AdBlue and what not to buy.

Post by Admin on Tue May 12, 2015 10:59 am

AdBlue is a registered trade mark of the VDA and guarantees the quality of the product current specifications: ISO 22241 or DIN 70071. AdBlue trademark is recognised across the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. AdBlue solution is 32.5% Urea and 62.5% Purified Water any other chemical composition is not AdBlue and does not meet the vehicle manufactures specifications.

UK Suppliers of AdBlue

Air 1 by Yara
AdBlue 4 You, Greenchem
Blue Cat, Banner Chemicals
Greenox, Tennants distribution
Quality Urea Solution, J E Morten Ltd

What NOT to buy:
Some cheaper versions of AdBlue are finding there way onto the market especially at privately owned petrol stations. If the container does not have the AdBlue® markings then the fluid will not meet the required specifications. Often these are lower concentrations of Urea so your vehicle will use more to keep the emissions to the required levels making it a false economy. The other large concern is the quality and integrity of the fluid might have been compromised causing expensive damage to your vehicles exhaust system.
You can see this marketed as:
- Exhaust Gas Fluid
- Urea exhaust fluid
- Urea exhaust solution

DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid)
Is the American name given to AdBlue solution. It is the same specification and quality of AdBlue just under a different trade name. However please be careful if purchasing it in the UK as there is a chance it will be a cheap version marketed sneakily.


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